Aircraft are an important tool for agriculture. Aerial application enables a client to have a prescribed product applied to his crop in a timely and economical manner. The faster a pesticide can be applied after being prescribed the less change of yield loss, and when the effect wheel tracks from ground equipment (can be up to 5% loss) is also taken into account it makes economic sense to use an aircraft.

You may be surprised how competitive our prices are compared to ground equipment so please call for a quote.

Rebel Ag services include:

Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Foliar Fertlisers and Trace Elements.

Granular Fertilisers, Mouse and Snail Balt, Granular Herblcide (Tebulan accredited operator) and Seeding e.g.Canola.

Locust Control, Mosquito Eradication, Feral Animal Control, Suspension application including fine lime, gypsum, and trace elements.

Benefits of Aerial Agriculture

Cover large areas in a short time.
Access to paddocks too wet for ground equipment.
No disease transfer.
No soil compaction and no green wheel tracks resulting from dust during fallow sprays.
Applied during correct atmospheric conditions reducing the chance of a failure.